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TISCO S30815 heat resistant stainless steel Successfully was applied


Recently, TISCO S30815 heat-resistant stainless steel production equipment successfully applied.
S30815, 253MA is a kind of heat resistant austenitic stainless steel.
253MA has the best comprehensive performance in the temperature range of 850-1100 degree, high oxidation resistance, oxidation temperature up to 1150 degrees celsius;
High creep resistance, yield strength and creep rupture strength;
It has good resistance to high temperature corrosion and corrosion resistance in most gas media;
High yield strength and tensile strength at high temperature, good formability and weldability, and sufficient machinability.
In addition to alloying elements chromium and nickel, 253MA stainless steel also contains a small amount of rare earth metals (Rare Earth metals, REM), thereby significantly improving its antioxidant capacity.
Nitrogen was added to improve the creep properties and to make the steel complete austenite.
Although the chromium and nickel content is relatively low, but this kind of stainless steel with high alloy alloy steel and nickel based alloy with the same temperature in many cases.
Usage: 253MA is widely used in sintering equipment, blast furnace equipment, steel melting, melting furnace and continuous casting equipment, rolling mill (heating furnace), heat treatment furnace and accessories, mineral equipment and cement production equipment, etc.. 253MA steel can be used to the pressure of 900 degrees Celsius and the working temperature of up to 1150 degrees Celsius of non pressurized high-temperature components.
Corresponding grade: 253MA / UNS S30815
Specification: 5*1500*6000
Quantity: 6 pieces
Origin: China TISCO

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