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AlloyO Special Metal: N10276 Hastelloy C-276 bars stock is sufficient

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Hastelloy C-276 is widely used in chemical equipment, medical equipment, fluorine chemical industry, instrumentation and instrumentation. Accumulated every year, the total demand of Hastelloy bars is large.
According to user's general use, AlloyO conducts strategic stocking of N10276 bars for the above industries.
AlloyO has Hastelloy stock, the outer diameter ranges from 8 to 475mm. The length can be fixed according to user's size.
Hastelloy origin: SMC, VDM, BOHLER.
If the user has special requirements on material hardness, surface roughness or
Material Properties, you can contact in details.

Yesterday, some users asked how the bar weight was calculated.
AlloyO also popularized:(diameter mm/2000)^2*3.14*length mm*density=weight kg
For example, Hastelloy bar with a diameter of 20 mm has a length of 2000 mm and density of 8.9.
The total weight is (20/2000)^2*3.14*2000mm*8.9=5.6kg


n10276 bar
More about the material stock, chemical composition (Elements), material density, corrosion resistance, form (rod/bar/tube/plate/sheet/coil/welding/forging), welding (welding wire,welding electrode), strength, processing, heat treatment, standard, application and price, please call or email to

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